Purpose of Our Survey

It is time to reconnect with Camp Moshava.

You are a member of a very special group of our thousands of alumni who spent many wonderful summers as chanichim and madrichim in Machane Moshava. However, once your summer camp years were over, the direct bonds were severed unless you are now sending your children to camp. Over the last two decades, Camp Moshava has grown exponentially and is impacting thousands of children every year. Moshava is now the largest Modern Orthodox camp in the United States and still remains unique in comparison to all other religious Jewish overnight camps. The ruach, the relationships, the first class facilities, the programming, and the focus on chinuch and Eretz Yisrael allow Camp Moshava to continue to be in a league of its own. Something that we at Moshava always knew is now accepted wisdom - that camp plays an enormous role in influencing and developing a child’s (and staff’s) religious, spiritual, social and emotional growth. We are now reaching out to our alumni to reconnect.

The feedback that we have received from our alumni has been loud and clear. Moshava alumni want to be reconnected with camp together with their friends, families and shevatim. This survey and the Camp Moshava Alumni Initiative will allow our alumni to reconnect with Moshava in two ways. Firstly, it will update us where you are today and secondly, it will allow Moshava to give our alumni opportunities to visit, participate, and to share in Moshava’s celebrations.

Upcoming Events....

After Last year's innagural Memorial Day Alumni Weekend we will be continuing this new tradition this Memorial Day, from  Friday May 28th through Sunday May 30th.   

This coming summer will be the 75th anniversary for Camp Moshava on the East Coast and we will be celebrating in full swing both in Israel and America.

In Israel we will be having a full blown celebration on Yom Haatzmaut for all our Bogrim who have made aliya. Save the Date!! 

Yom Haatzmaut, Tuesday April 20th. Details to be announced very shortly.

In America we will be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Camp Moshava at CAMP MOSHAVA this coming August.

We look forward to contacting you, our alumni, with details about our anniversary as well as all the new alumni retreats and programs.