75th Anniversary Celebration at Camp Moshava August 15th, Click Here for More Details

Welcome to the Camp Moshava (Indian Orchard) Alumni Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to reconnect with our alumni. We want our alumni to come back to visit, join in on special alumni weekends, come up during the summer for alumni days, and join in our Moshava celebrations, most notably, our upcoming 75th anniversary of Camp Moshava on the East Coast (In Israel on Yom Haatzmaut and in camp on Sunday, August 15) and the Annual Memorial Day Alumni Weekend.  Please help up begin this process by filling out the survey below and by fowarding this site and email to all of your old and current moshava friends. This site will also contain information on upcoming events for moshava and moshava alumni. We look forward to seeing you soon. Hashem Imachem !!

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